Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SMR in Berlin Final Report

Sonrise Mountain Revival Berlin Project
Day Eight and Nine
By Kristin Gaffney’s Dad

            Kristi got sick our last day in Berlin and is finally getting over it, but now is in the midst of the finals she deferred to go on the trip.  So I will attempt to fill her shoes and finish the blog.  Forgive me as my writing will not be nearly as entertaining as hers!
            The last day was a great finish to our time in Berlin.  The morning started with different members of the group going in different directions, some to sight see, some to shop and others to rest for the night’s performance.  Rich has been amazing, dealing with his recovery from complete knee replacement as we walk everywhere.  He and Mark stayed at the hotel and practiced – as if they haven’t gotten enough of playing this week. 
            Others chose the site-seeing route, trying to understand a little more about Berlin.  Dick went to the Checkpoint Charlie Museum, Jeff took the boat tour, and Mike went the Technology Museum.  Of course the girls chose the shopping option and went off with adventure in mind.  However, I don’t think they expected, after Leanna left them to visit with some missionaries, that they would find themselves on the train that was at the end of the line, heading the wrong way and out of service…but like good missionaries they adjusted to their situation, but not before a few screams when the lights went off and the train was moved off the line.  Once the train was turned around and placed on the track going the right way, they were good to go with a new story to share!  Then again, maybe Ashley, Rebecca and Kristi wish Kristi was writing this blog today so that they wouldn't have to share this story...
            The last concert of the trip was in a “tough” part of the city.  Aaron Bowes and his church sponsored an outreach concert to this area with the desire to establish a Bible study there.  The building was a former Lutheran church that had been converted to a museum charting the fight for freedom in former Nazi Germany and East Germany.  The room was good acoustically, still being used for concerts on occasion.  Attendance for the night was great, with a good number from the community being augmented by many others who came from the various churches we had worked with all week wanting to hear us for the last time.   The team performed exceptionally, the testimonies were clear, and once again, after a series of encores, the team got to spend time after the concert in deep conversations all around the hall.  Aaron was thrilled, he felt the seeds had been planted for further ministry in this area.  Of course no one was in a hurry to leave, knowing that this time goodbye meant goodbye…
            But leave we had to do, so we packed up and headed back to the hotel to pack some more.  The taxis arrived at 7:00 a.m. and most of the team didn’t get to bed before 2:00 a.m., so needless to say a tired bunch made its way to the airport, most reluctantly, as the time in Berlin had been so good, yet anxious to see our families and friends.  God graciously allowed us to have an uneventful trip home, arriving early. 
            This team was a very effective tool for Christ.  I knew that bluegrass would be accepted in Berlin, but I truly underestimated how popular it would be.  The combination of the musical form and the content of the lyrics and the testimonies of the team made for a powerful presentation that impacted everyone who heard them.  The pastors and missionaries with whom we worked are unanimous in both their appreciation and their desire to have this team return to build on the work they started.  Praise God, may He get all the glory!
            One constant was the request for CDs or a website where our music could be heard over and over again.  Obviously this is something we need to consider for the future.
            For all that supported this team financially and in prayer, thank you!!!  Your part was so important and absolutely key to the success of this project.
            Now please begin to pray for the next PWM team to go out, the PowerSurge Worship Band in August to Latvia.  This team will be helping Randy Dodd open a new field of ministry, coming alongside pastors and missionaries in this key Baltic country.  They need to raise $26,000.00 and prayer partners.  Also keep praying for Sonrise Mountain Revival, for their continued growth as a band and that the Lord would use them at home as effectively as He used them in Germany.

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